Pretty Asian Lady Fuck Missionary Style - 他妈的硬传教职位

Need To Know About The Missionary Position - Engage Your Pleasure Centers
To make missionary position sex more pleasurable for you, don't ignore the center of your sexual system! Your clitoris is the queen of your arousal. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Don't be too shy to touch your own clitoris during sex. Simply reach down while he penetrates you and stimulate your clitoris. If he protests, explain that touching yourself while he is inside you is a major turn-on.

You can also explore slipping a tiny vibrator in between your bodies! There are even new vibrators designed to be worn during intercourse, such as the IDA by Lelo. Vibrators can add a buzz for both of you, so get your guy on board with bringing toys into bed. Talk about it as an enhancement to, not a replacement for, his touch.

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